Online Marketing Plan: Examples And Tools

What is an Online Marketing Plan and how is it helpful for small businesses?

An online marketing plan is a document designed and designed to include the objectives and strategies of our company in the online world, that is, it is a step-by-step guide with the actions we have to carry out to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.

The Marketing Plan must adapt to the business, and the company never changes to the Marketing Plan.

Each Marketing Plan is personalized from the feet to the head, and there are no two plans that are the same.

1.- Creation of company briefing

The first thing we should do in any marketing plan is to meet several times with our client and prepare a complete presentation based on the answers we receive. It is essential that the client takes the development and preparation of this briefing very seriously, and provides us with the best possible information of your company so that we can design this document as accurately as possible.

This briefing should arrive at some of these questions:

How would you sell me your brand or product?

If a company is not able to convince you with a value proposition, it will be challenging for you to persuade hundreds of users that you are not satisfied.

Target to which it is addressed?

We must know the public very well that we are going to direct our online marketing campaign, the more information we have about it, the better.

Who is your competition?

Understanding competitive data will be instrumental in making a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the company with other competitors.

Have you done any branding campaign?

Sometimes when you mention this word the client opens your eyes and tells you that he does not understand you or that he does not see it, but honestly without a branding campaign from a company on the Internet it is tight and tedious to reach acceptable or reasonable objectives in the online marketing strategy that we are going to design.

Does the company have a style or a corporate manual?

One should see what things the company has already done, and we can use, among them is the style manual or also known in the design as a corporate manual. This manual will help us to understand a little better the image that this company wants to communicate.

What is your most important element?

If a brand doesn’t have a different and valuable bet and does not have an element that makes it different from the rest, then it is tough for us to succeed in our online marketing strategy.

Why Should I Hire You Instead Of Another Company?

We will see what aspects make the hiring of the services of this company more attractive compared to other similar companies.

Why would you like to be present in Social Networks?

They do not serve us vain or superficial answers, we need a real and reasoned response, because yes or because everyone does not make us worth as answers.

Do you have any qualified person to manage Social Networks?

Giving Social Networks to a person who does not have the domain and the necessary experience can be a big handicap in the social media strategy.

What are the objectives of your business?

The client should draw what are the objectives of their business with this online marketing campaign so that we can have a vision of what is expected from our work.

What are the main channels where the company wants to be?

We must know the scope of the project and all the channels where a brand wants to have a presence. The most common channels are; website, blog and social networks, although there are others that may be of interest to us.

What budget does the company have for online marketing?

We should keep the budget in mind before starting on this online marketing plan so that we can create a realistic scenario.

2.- Online Analysis

At this moment we will have enough information about the client, and we will be in a position to investigate and study all the online tools available to the client, as they may be; blog, web, social networks, etc.

It is essential to analyze what things are being done well and what is not, as well as to pay particular attention to the way the company communicates with its followers.

1.- Analyze your organic visibility with SEMrush.

2.- Carry out an SEO audit and obtain a current photo of the degree of optimization.

3.- Analyze your presence in Social Networks.

4.- Analyze the target of the client.

3.- Conclusions of the analysis phase

Before starting to design our Online Marketing Strategy we have to interpret the data obtained and reach the conclusion of whether we can get better sales of this company on the Internet, or not, it’s that simple.